PTirc is an IRC network founded in December 2014.

Although most of the users of our network are of Portuguese nationality, we also receive visitors of other nationalities.

Our job is to provide all our users with a communication platform that is anonymous and at the same time free of charge.

We hope to bring our users closer together through discussions on specific channels or even in private conversations.

In addition to the anonymity of our users, PTirc also focuses on their safety.

As such all our services use SSL/TLS for communication between users and even between servers.

To start enjoying our chat right away, there are two options:
1. Use our webchat, accessing it here.
2. Use your favorite IRC client and using server irc.ptirc.org and port 6697 (SSL/TLS)[1]

[1]PTirc does not accept standard connections (port 6667) due to the lack of encryption on them.